MHP offers necropsy, tissue procurement & pathology services to families, law firms, insurance companies, and medical examiners nationwide.

   MHP contracted work includes board certified pathologists with decades of experience in veterinary pathology. We offer comprehensive services also including private necropsies, hospital/coroner necropsies, tissue procurement for research or litigation, DNA/Toxicology tissue procurement.

   You will receive a copy of the final necropsy report which includes a detailed gross and microscopic examination and description of lesions. This will include an opinion section where the pathologist explains the findings.

Feel free to contact us or send us an email and we will be glad to answer you. We are here to serve so don't hesitate to contact us.

IMPORTANT- Do not freeze the specimen, place in the refrigerator as soon as possible in a sealed bag. Ship with gel, ice packs- DO NOT USE WET ICE! Be sure it has absorber pads, is thoroughly sealed (we like to see specimens double or triple bagged) kept cool and shipped in an insulated box within 72 hours- samples should be sent next day air or second day air for best results.